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Nestor Taylor (born in Melbourne, 1963), studied harmony, piano and counterpoint at the Athens conservatory under the supervision of prfessors G. Diamantis, Z. Agelastou and the distinguished academic, Menelaos Pallantios.

At the age of 20 he moved to London in order to study composition at the Gruildhall School of Music & Drama. He graduated in 1987 with the following qualifications:

1) LGSM (Honours) in composition, 2) LGSM in choral composition and orchestration, 3) CAMS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) in film music and composition.

In 1995 he obtained the Master's degree (MMus) in composition from the University of London, and soon after he was offered a 3 year scholarship to continue his research studies leading to the degree of MPhil (Master of Philosophy), which he is due to complete in September.

Nestor Taylor has made three LP's for the Greek recording company 'LYRA' under the capacity of composer and arranger, and various classical works of his have been performed in venues such as the Goethe Institute, Nakas music hall, the British Information Centre in London, Manchester University (Lindsay quartet), etc. He has also been shortlisted in the international competition SPNM for his song cycle 'On a Ray of Winter Sun', and several of his works have been broadcast by Greek Radio three.

Between 1990 - 94 he taught music theory, harmony and composition at the "Nikos Skalkotas' conservatory, and has lectured in music appreciation classes at the American College of Athens (1989 - 93). During the years 1988 - 89 he held the post of programme coordinator and presenter of the series 'Euroconcerts' on behalf of the Greek National Radio (ERT). Since 1984 he is a member of the Greek Composersí Union.

Recent recordings/performances of his work have been made by various ensembles, such as 'Tempo 2000' (On a Ray of Winter Sun), the renowned 'Composers Ensemble' (with the work 'Voyage with Hesperus', which was recently performed in London as part of the 'Greece in Britain' cultural exchange scheme, and other ensembles. He is also the author of the study 'The mathematical meaning of Harmony in the Pythagorean musical system', which is under publication by IEMA.